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Sea Maiden
Colored Pencil and Ink on illustration board

It feels nice to do more traditional stuffs. More to cooome! Hopefully haha

Wip of the day


aha commissioned work dont ask why about the name. haha but still I managed to pull it through. 

Logo contest entry. The theme was “Sto. Nino hope of the people. Well no luck for me, i didn’t win but it was worth the try :)

Collaboration with my lil sis, which is 10. I’m also planning to update you guys more, I’ve been really busy lately.

UPDATE! I saw it in the tumblr homepage a while ago. haha! nice one lil’ sis!

Dream Catcher

Erjosan | ARTLUST

And there it is. Another commissioned work. I’m loving this logo making thing. More more more. logo.

Erjo Sanchez | ARTLUST

Trying MAYA. Well it was fun :)

Hindi Lahat ng Lumalabas sa Bibig ay Maganda.

 Finalist | 6th Annual Cross Roads, Advertising Competition. CLA DLSUD

Erjosan | Artlust


Adele fan art.

Erjosan | ARTLUST

"The Puppeteer"

Commissioned Work. :)

Erjosan | ARTLUST